Veet Baljit Latest Hd Images, Photos, Pictures And Wallpapers


Veet Baljit Hd Images, Photos, Pictures And Wallpapers

Veet baljit is a famous Punjabi lyricists and singer. He belongs to village kaonke kalan, Ludhiana Punjab and he born on 15 June, 1983. He has written a huge number of songs which are sung by famous Punjabi singer like Garry sandhu, Daljit dosanjh, Gippy grewal and many other famous singers.

His first album is Reel purani reejh which was most popular and successful album his another album is Beri vehre vich. His latest single track is Taara which is most liked by Punjabi youth. Veet baljit had also work in many famous Punjabi movies as lyricists.

In Punjabi music industry many famous punjabi Actors like Preet harpal, Ammy virk, Veet baljit, Diljit Dosanjh and Bautiful actrss like Neeru Bajwa, Sara gurpal , Kaur B, Himankshi Khurana etc. Doing great work.

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