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Mudd was born on 27th July, 1998. She was born in United States of America and also she was raised there. She was described as a very shy girl, a sultry model who managed to keep her family away from the public attention because she want to keep her personal life always from the public. According to this result, no one knows about her family, parents, siblings and also about her education.

Sophie is very close to her parents and especially to her mother. She always share the pictures of her parents on the platform of social media where she express her love towards her parents. Apart from her mom and dad, there is a only member in her family which is her elder brother named, Nicolas Mudd. No one knows about her brother age and living at present time, but he loves to travel a lot.

Sophie Mudd started her Instagram page in November 2013 by posting her own picture at The Sparkle Factory in Los Angeles. And in less than five years, she was able to gain more than 1 million ollowers on her photo and short video sharing site. She uses the platform as a daily-life feed.

Mudd mostly posted pictures in the bikini flaunting her amazing figure. Sometimes she also posted a video where she is almost dressed in nothing. In fact, it can be said that she used the social media as a platform for becoming famous.

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