Singer Babbu Maan In Google And Instagram Headquarters Photos


Babbu Maan Is Very popular Punjabi Singer And Actor.His Popularity In World Is Outstanding.He Is King Of Live Shows.Last Days Babbu Maan Invited By Google And Instagram Headquaryers.Now We Post Some Pictures Of Babbu Maan In Google Office.Thanks Google Headquarters, California for the warm welcome and for your love and affection…

But this is something really big now. This time the celebrity who has visited the Google and Instagram headquarters has made it a big news. And the artist is none other than the legendary singer and actor in the Punjabi music and cinema industry ‘Babbu Maan’.
I wish a great future to all our Indians,specially Punjabi brothers and sisters who are working with Google…

Some Lines On Google From Babbu Maan

Mera Google Baba ji eh tan kul duniya diyan jaane
Ede saare chele ne ethe ki niyaane ki siyaane

Singer Babbu Maan In Google And Instagram Headquarters Photos

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