Samantha Jade 2019 Beautiful Sexy Wallpapers, Images And Pictures


As Australia’s most-promising pop ingénue, all eyes are on Samantha Jade. Despite the US music industry trying to steal her away from us (with an international multiple album record deal), a twist of fate has ensured Australia has her back in our arms. Her Australian debut album (a self-titled collection of cover songs) and three consecutive 2013 single releases were certified smash hits, and now Samantha Jade is ready to turn it “Up!” with her next big hit.

“It feels like I’ve been away from music for a little bit, but actually I’ve been working on new material in the studio, as well as doing a few corporate projects, and of course filming the INXS mini-series,” Samantha says, talking about her career progression over the last year.

Nowadays audiences are used to seeing popstars and TV talent-show winners pump out music at a rapid pace to cash in on their popularity and 15-minutes of fame. Samantha Jade stands apart from the pop-wannabes with her talent and poise, and is much more focused on building her career with care and attention-to-detail.

“I don’t want to put out something I’m not a 100% happy with,” explains Sammi. “I really want to put out records I believe in, and that I’m passionate about. I have a plan to be an entertainer with a long-term career so I don’t want to rush the process just for the sake of it.”

Samantha Jade’s is clearly on an ascendance to greater heights. Her debut single “What You’ve Done To Me” was a #1 triple-platinum hit in Australia, and her follow-up singles “Firestarter” and “Soldier” went on to secure platinum accreditation, and she also managed to score a #1 Airplay and Top 10 single in Russia along the way. The momentum for Samantha’s career is unquestionable, and with the release of her new single “Up!”, it looks like her pop stardom is on the verge of a stratospheric explosion.”

Samantha Jade 2019 Beautiful Sexy Wallpapers, Images And Pictures

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