Ravneet Singh (Canteeni Mandeer) Photos, Pictures And Wallpapers


Ravneet Singh (Canteeni Mandeer) Photos, Pictures And Wallpapers

Ravneet Singh was born on 17-02-1992 in the state of Punjab, India. He is an Indian Television Presenter & Film Actor.

Ravneet Singh is famous anchor and host of very popular show Canteeni mandeer on the Mh1 channel. He is born on 17 November, 1992 belongs to Chandigarh, India. He is a handsome and very talented person. He made everyone laugh with his fun loving personality. He becomes very famous due to this show.

This show has already completed his 1 year and still running successfully worldwide. This show is telecasted on the channel Mh1 on every Wednesday and Sunday at 8 pm. In this show Ravneet Singh as a host of this show with his team went to different colleges, schools etc, where he interacts with the students and teachers of the school or college.

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Ravneet Singh is the most popular Host or Anchor of the very popular show Canteeni Mandeer which is telecasted on the Mh1 Channel. His Real Name is Ravneet Singh and he was born on 17 November 1992 in Chandigarh Punjab , India in Punjabi Family. Ravneet Singh is very talented , Handsome and fun loving Personality.

His show Canteeni Mandeer is very popular show over worldwide. In this show , Ravneet and his team went to different colleges as well as schools , where he interact with the teachers as well as students.


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