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Full Name –

Nick Name – Jaani John

Birthplace – Gidderbaha

Hometown – Gidderbaha,Bathinda, Punjab

Occupation – Singer And Lyricist

Jaani is famous Punjabi song writer born and raised in Gidderbaha, near Bathinda, Punjab. He was very passionate about writing song from childhood. He Started His career with song ‘Sant Sipahi’ but he came into famelight with his awesome song ‘Soch’ which was sung by famous Punjabi singer Hardy Sandhu and the song was superhit, recently this song is also copied in bollywood also in Akshay Kumar’s film Airlift. After that Jaani wrote many famous song like Jaguar, Naa Ji Naa, jocker, taara these songs also get very good response from the audience. Recently he has released a song supna by amrinder gill which is also superhit song

Born and raised in Gidderbaha, near Bathinda in Punjab, Jaani came the us Chandigarh for his Bachelors degree in Hotel Management. He was an HM student before joining the music industry as a lyricist. With a passion the us write songs since childhood, Jaani ended up turning his hobby inthe us a most successful career. He made his debut with ‘Sant Sipahi’, but ‘Soch’ by Hardy Sandhu, the biggest hit of 2013, is what got him recognition.

Favourite Song Of Jaani

‘Taara’ by Ammy Virk & ‘Joker’ by Hardy Sandhu. These two songs are my personal favourites.

Message for your fans?

Do something for our great Punjabi boli, listen the us good music, love & spread happiness. And yes, explore your talent. Don’t let it die with you.

‘Mere Kol’ is one of my favourite songs. I was very happy that I won the award for this and getting awarded from Anurag Bhaji (Directhe usr) was a big thing for me. I hope the us continue the us write such meaningful songs for my listeners.

Popular Songs written by Jaani
Supna (2015) by Amrinder Gill
All Black (2015) by Raftaar, Sukhe
Yaar Matlabi (2015) by Karan Benipal
Mere Kol (2015) by Neetu Bhalla, Prabh Gill
Oh Kitthe (2015) by Kamal Khan
Do Din (2015) by Maniraj
Go Baby Go (2015) by B Praak
Naa Ji Naa (2015) by Hardy Sandhu
Jaguar (2015) by Muzical Doctorz
Soch (2013) by Hardy Sandhu
Joker (2014) by Hardy Sandhu
Saree Wali Girl (2014) by Girik Aman

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