Punjabi Sikh Baby Beautiful Unique Names With Meaning 2019


Sikh Baby Beautiful Unique Names With Meaning 2019

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We have a complete collection of Sikh boy and girl names, to choose a perfect baby name for your child.

All Sikh baby names are arranged alphabetically with their meanings. You can create a list of your favorite names and get it emailed.

Click on above alphabets to view Sikh names of the select alphabet.

We hope, you will find this collection of baby names helpful.

Meanings of Sikh Names Beginning With A

Aadar – Respect

Aadat – discipline, habitual practice

Aazaad – Care free

Aarvinder – – Of the God of Heavens

Achint – One without worry

Abinaash – Eternal

Abinash – Immortal

Ades – Compliment, salutation of faqirs and yogis, from an inferior to a Superior (God)

Agam – Incomprehensible

Agamjot – Incomprehensible light

Agampreet – Lover of the Incomprehensible

Ahsmit – Trustworthy friend

Aish – Delight, joy, pleasure

Ajaib – Wonderful

Ajay – As yet, up until now

Ajeet, Ajit – Invincible, unconquered

Ajitpal – Invincible protector

Ajminder – Presence of the God of heaven

Ajmir – Presence of the foremost one

Akaaldeep, Akaldeep – Eternal lamp

Akal – Beyond time, eternal, undying

Akaljot – Eternal light

Ajooni – Beyond transmigration, or incarnation (God)

Akaash, Akhasha – The heavens

Akaashdeep – Illuminated heavenly realm

Akaal, Akal – Immortal, undying

Akalpurkh, Akalpurkah – Immortal personality (God)

Akalroop – Beautiful form of the immortal

Akalsahai, Akalsahaye – Undying succourer, or supporter

Alam – A learned sage

Alakh, Aklaksh – Imperceptible, invisible God

Alka – Ideal

Aman – Tranquil

Amandeep – Lamp of tranquility

Amaninder – Tranquil God of Heaven

Amanjit – Attainer of tranquility

Sikh Names Beginning With B

Bachan – Instruction
Bachittar – Resplendent, Wise one
Bahadar, Bahadur – Courageous
Baaj , Baaz – Falcon, Music, To play an instrument
Bakhs, Bax* – Gift
Baksheesh, Baxees* – Blessing
Bal – Mighty
Balbeer, Balbir – Mighty hero
Baldev – Mighty God
Baljinder – Mighty God of heaven
Baljit – Might victor
Balkar – Mighty creator
Balmeet – Mighty friend
Balpreet – Mighty love
Balwant – Filled with might
Balvinder – Mighty God of heaven
Balwinder – Mighty God of heaven
Bani – Word
Baninder – Word of the God of heaven
Bhag – Devotion

Sikh Names Beginning With G

Gagan – Heavenly sky
Gagandeep – Heavens Lamp
Gaganjot – Heaven’s Light
Gaganpreet – Love of the heavenly sky
Ganeve – Priceless wealth
Giaan – Having divine knowledge
Giaandhiaan – Attentive contemplation of divine knowledge
Giaanpreet – Love of divine knowledge
Gian (Gyan) – Disciple of knowledge or divine wisdom
GianbhagatĀ  – Devotee of divine knowledge
Giandeep – Lamp of knowledge
Giandheer – Steadfast in wisdom of divine knowledge
Giandhian – Attentivelcontemplation of divine wisdom

Sikh Baby Names Beginning With D

Daah: Ardor, burning, inflame, ignite, kindle, fire, flame

Daai: Attendant, bridesmaid, caretaker, giver, lady’s maid, midwife, nursemaid

Daaia: Desire, determination, resolution, firmness, wish

Daaik: Giver, producer, producing, yielding

Daami: Hawk, tamed wild hawk

Daamodar: An epithet, name, or title given to God

Daan: Alms, charity, gift, grant

Daana (Daanaa): Prudent, sage, shrewd, wise

Daarood (Daarud): Blessings

Daas (m.): Dependent, disciple, follower, servant, slave, subject

Daasee (Daasi) (f.): Dependent, disciple, follower, servant, slave, subject

Daat: Bountiful, giving

Daata (Daataa) (m.): Benefactor, Creator, God, giver

Daatee (Daati) (f.): Benefactor, Creator, God, giver

Daayaa: Claim, determination, desire, plaint, purpose, nurse, resolution, wish

Dabau: Authority, influence, power, strength

Dabdaba (Dabdabah): Dignitary, magistrate, one with influence

Dad: Equity, gift, giving, justice

Dada: A family bard, minstrel, or priest

Daennaa (Daena): Administer, afford, allot, assign, confer, discharge, give charity, endow, impart, produce, yield

Daera: Guru’s seat, monument, temple shrine

Dagdagat: Golden, gleaming, glowing, sparkling, shining, splendorous, twinkling, starlight

Dagga: Drumstick for beating drum or tambourine, ability to multitask

Daghdagh: Bright shiny face

Dah: Ardor, burning, inflame, ignite, kindle, fire, flame

Dai: Destiny, God

Dai: Attendant, bridesmaid, caretaker, giver, lady’s maid, midwife, nursemaid

Daia: Compassion, favor, grace, kindness, mercy, pity, sympathy

Daia: Desire, determination, resolution, firmness, wish

Daik: Giver, producer, producing, yielding

Daim: Always, continually, perpetually

Dakhishina: Alms, charity, gift, money given for religious ceremony

Dakkh: Appearance, beautiful, taste, relish

Dakkhana: Alms, charity, gift, money given for religious ceremony

Dal: Army, forces, multitude, team, troupe

Dalasa: Comfort, encouragement, consolation, solace, soothing

Dalbinder: Army of God in heaven

Dalbinderjit: Victorious army of God in heaven

Dalbir: Heroic army

Dalel (Daler): Bold, brave, courageous, generous, liberal

Dalgeet: Rousing songs to inspire team

Dalhak: Glitter, shine, shimmer

Dalil: Attention, interest, love, reason, proof

Daljeet: Victorious army

Daljinder: Army of God in heaven

Daljit: Victorious army

Daljodh: Warrior of the army

Dalmeet: Friend of the multitude

Dalvinder (Dalwinder): Army of God in heaven

Dalraj: Army of the king

Dam: Breath, boasting, elasticity, instant, life, moment, pride, power, strength

Damak: Ardor, glitter, shine, splendor

Daman: Skirt of garment

Damandol: Forlorn wanderer

Damanjeet (Damanjit): Skirt of the victor

Damdama: Monument to Sikh Gurus, mound, raised battery of warfare

Dami: Hawk, tamed wild hawk

Damm: Money, price, riches

Dammh: Brand, burn, light, ignite, kindle

Damodar: An epithet, name, or title given to God

Damra: Gold, silver, wealth

Damsadhna: control the breath in religious exercise

Dan: Alms, charity, gift, grant

Dana (Danaa): Prudent, sage, shrewd, wise

Danai: Prudence, shrewdness, wisdom

Dang: Amazed, astonished, struck

Dangal: Audience, amphitheater, crowd, multitude, wrestling arena

Danna: Knowing, sage, wise; money pit

Danoo (Danu): Pomegranate

Dar: Door, rate, price

Dara: Passage

Darab: Money, property, wealth

Darad: compassion, pity, sympathy

Darais: Desire, need, want (the Divine)

Darak: Entrance, knowledge

Sikh Baby Names Beginning With K

Kalyan – Salvation

Kamaal – Perfection

Kamaalit – Complete perfection

Kamal – Madness – Blue flower used medicinally

Kamaldeep – Illumination, mental clarity

Kamaljeet – Mentally victorious, taken medicine

Kamalla – Foolish, demented, crazy (for Naam)

Kamalpreet – Lover of medicine flower

Kamaljit – Mentally victorious taken medicine

Kamalpati – Lotus like Lord master, mastering madness

Kanwal, Kanval – Heart lotus

Kanwaldeep – Lamp of the heart

Kanwar – Prince

Kanwarpreet – Lover of princely one

Kar – Action, deed

Karam – Fortune, destiny

Karamat – Miracle

Karamjit – Victorious destiny

Karamveer (vir) – Destined to be heroic

Karan – Principal, an account

Kari – Remedy

Karim – Merciful

Karman – Doer of deeds

Karmi – Fortunate

Kasam – Oath

Kaul – Water lily, promise, covenant

Kaur – Prince (princess)

Kaval – Singer

Kavalnan – Singer of (Gods) name

Kavalnain – Lotus eyes

Kawai, Kavai, Kavia, – Lotus

Kawal – Singer, Lotus

Kawaljeet – Singer of victory

Khalsa – Amritdhari, initiated Sikh – Pure one

Khushwant – Prosperity

Khushvant – Happiness

Kiran – Ray of light

Kirandeep – Ray of lamplight

Kiranjot – Ray of light

Kirat – Honest earning/work/life

Kirtan – Singing praise

Kishan, Krishan, Krishna – Deity Krishna – Black or dark blue

Krishnapati – Masterful deity Krishna

Kudrat – Nature

Kul – family, total, entire

Kulbir – Total hero, family hero

Kuldeep, Kuldip – Entire Region (of the family)

Kuldev – family of God

Kuljot – Light of the Family

Kulpreet – Love of the Family – Complete Love (of God)

Kultej – Grandeur of the entire family

Kulvanth – Of a good family, a credit to the entire family

Kulvinder – Of the family of the God of heaven

Kulwant – Of a good family, a credit to the entire family

Kulwinder – Of the family of the God of heaven

Kunwaar – Prince


Sikh Baby Names Beginning With M

Maalak – Chief, God, governor, husband, Lord, master, proprietor, sovereign
Maalaa – Rosary beads
Maan – Hope, honor, regard, respect, trust
Maanak – Gem, ruby
Maanana (m)- Enjoy, be happy
Maanani (f) – Enjoy, be happy
Maarg – Roadway (towards the divine)
Machch – Activity, energy, power, strength, vigor, virtue
Madaa – Commendation, praise
Mada – Commendation, praise
Madaah – One who aids or assists, helper, protector
Madah – One who aids or assists, helper, protector
Madan – Battlefield
Madanbir – Bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefield
Madanpal – Protector of the battlefield
Madanveer – Brother of the battlefield, bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefield
Madanvir – Bravery on the battlefield, hero of the battlefield
Madho – Almighty, God
Madhur – Pleasant sounding, melodious, sweet sounds
Madhurbaen – Sweet words
Madhurbain – Sweet words
Maf – Forgiven, pardoned
Mafi – Forgiven, pardoned
Magan – Delighted, glad, happy, joyful, pleased
Maghan – Delighted, glad, happy, joyful, pleased
Maggh- Glad, good spirits, happy, pleased
Maha – Exalted, great, illustrious
Mahajeet – Great, illustrious victory
Mahajit – Great, illustrious victor
Mahaan – Exalted, great, illustrious
Mahabbhat – Affection, friendship, love
Mahabbatan – One who is loved
Mahabbati – One who is loved
Mahabir – Illustrious hero
Mahak – Fragrance, perfume, scent
Mahan – Exalted, great, illustrious, supreme
Mahanbir – Illustrious bravery
Mahandeep – Lamp of illustrious light
Mahandev – Supreme God
Mahandip – Lamp of illustrious light
Mahanga – Dear, costly, expensive, high priced
Mahangeet – Exalted song
Mahangun – Greatest virtues
Mahanjeet – Supreme victory
Mahanjit – Illustrious victory
Mahanjot – Illustrious light
Mahanleen – Abosrbed in the Supreme (divine)
Mahanparsad – Great kindness or mercy
Mahanpiaar – Supreme beloved (divine)
Mahanpreet – Supreme love (of divine)
Mahanprem – Exalted love (of divine)
Mahanpurkh – Good and great person, holy person
Mahanpursh – Good and great person, holy person
Mahanpyar Supreme beloved (divine)
Mahanraja – Great king, illustrious ruler
Mahanrani – Great queen, illustrious ruler

Sikh Names Beginning With H

Har – A name for God
Haramrit – God’s immortalizing nectar
Harbakhs, Harbax* – God’s gift
Harbans – Of Gods’ family
Harbhajan – God’s hymns
Harcharan – God’s feet
Harchet – Remembrance of the Lord
Harchit – God conciousness
Hardayal – God’s mercy
Hardas (daas) – God’s slave
Hardeep, Hardip – Lamp of the Lord, illuminated by the Almighty, Region of God
Hardial – God’s mercy
Hargun – God’s virtue
Hargobind – A part of God
Hargurmeet (mit) – God and Guru’s friend
Hari – A name for God
Haridatta – God’s gift
Harigun – Virtuous God
Harikiran – Ray of God’s light

Sikh Baby Names Beginning With T

Tavleen – Absorbed in trust
Tavrayan – Holy trust
Tegh, Teg – Sword
Teghbahadur – Courageous sword
Teghbir, Tegbir – Heroic sword
Tegroop – Beautiful sword
Tej – Splendor
Tejasvir – Glorious hero
Tejbir – Glorious hero
Tejdeep – Lamp of glory, reign of glory
Tejinder – Splendor of God in heaven
Tejinderpal – Glorious protection of God in heaven
Teknaam – Support of (God’s) name
Tekroop – Embodiment of support
Telvinder – Anointed of God in heaven
Tersem – Perfect saviour
Thakur – Divinity
Thalbir – Heroic fighter
Trilochan – Cross over (worldy desires)
Tript, Tripta – Contentment
Tulvar – Blessed support

Sikh Baby Names Beginning With R

Raaj – Dominion
Raam, Ram – Omniscient God
Raamdas – Servant of God
Raamdev – Deity of God
Raamrai – Prince of omniscient God
Raamratan – God’s Jewel
Raamrattan – Attentive to God
Rai – Prince
Raj – Dust, Dominion
Raja – King, ruler, generosity
Rajdeep – Dominion over a region, illuminated kingdom
Rajinder – Dust or dominion of God
Rajkanwal – Dominion of a singer or a lotus
Rajmandar – Palace
Rajnarind – King like Incarnation of God in heaven
Rajpratap – Dominion of majesty
Rama – Lord God
Raman – Comfort, repose
Ramandeep – Region of comfort, lamp of God
Ramanpreet – Lover of comfort, lover of God
Raminder – Dominion of the God of heaven
Raminderpal – Protector of the dominion of God
Ran – Battle, war
Rana – Chief, prince
Ranbir – Hero of battle
Randeep – Region of battle
Randheer, Randhir – Firm in battle, a widow
Rang – God’s pleaure
Rangras – Pleasure
Rangrup, Rangroop – Beautiful form
Ranjeet (jit) – Victor of battle
Ranveer, Ranvir – Heroic in battle
Rasam – Beam of light
Rashminder – Defender of God
Rashpal – Defender, protector
Rasmin – Silken
Rasnaam – God’s elixer
Rasool, Rasul – Messenger from God
Ratta – Imbued with devotion
Ratan – Jewel
Rattan – Devoted
Raveen – Splendorous Sun
Ravi – Sun
Ravinder – Ray of God’s light
Raviraj – Dominion of the sun
Ravneet – Source of light
Rawal – Gold dust
Reena, Rina – A high place
Reet, Rit – Ritual, tradition

Sikh Names Beginning With L
Laadd – Affection, caress, endearment, fondle, love
Laaddo – Caress, darling (daughter)
Laaddu – Fondle, love
Laaggar – Branch, shoot, spout (of the divine)
Laahaul – Protection
Laahu – Advantage, gain, profit
Laakh – One hundred thousand
Laal – Beloved, blush, dear, darling, son, red, ruby
Laalri – Ruby bead
Laathaa – Kept, guarded, preserved
Laaulaa – Desire inclination (for the divine)
Laawindeep – Illuminated, (infused lamp)
Laavindeep – Illuminated, (infused lamp)
Lachan – Qualities
Lachhmi – Goddess of fortune

Sikh Names Beginning With J

Jachack – Beggar (of God’s name)

Jadd – Family

Jaddi – Family

Jag – World

Jagdeep – Lamp of the world

Jagev – World Lord

Jagdish – Lord of the world

Jaginder – God of heaven and earth

Jagjeet – Conqueror of world (cares)

Jagjinder – God of heaven and earth

Jagjit – Victorious over world (cares)

Jagjot – Light of the world

Jagpal – World protector

Jagtar – Ferry over world (cares)

Jairam – Triumphant omniscient God

Jakkh – Holy one, a devout worshiper, a demi god

Sikh Names Beginning With Z

Zaaminah – Assure, help, provide surety
Zabartorh – Destroyer of oppression and tyranny
Zaceev – Loyal
Zahabia – Golden, precious,
Zaheen – Clever, intelligent, quick
Zahida – Ascetic, Beautiful, Hermetic
Zahira – Brilliant, Expressive, Luminous, Shining
Zahrah – Beauty, flower, star
Zaibjeet – Beautiful victory
Zaibjit – Beautiful victory
Zaida – Abundance, Fortune, gain, prosperity
Zaiden – Beautiful, brave, fiery, lion-like, strong
Zail – Province, region
Zaima – Leader
Zaina – Beauty
Zaker – Officer
Zameer – Conscience, integrity
Zamir – Conscience, integrity
Zamiree – Conscience, integrity
Zamiri -Conscience, integrity
Zaildar – Officer of a province, or region
Zapat – Attack, assault
Zara – Awakening, blossoming, dawning, flowering, lightening, radiance, lady, queen
Zarif – Grace, elegance, princely
Zareefa – Graceful, elegant, queenly
Zareena – Conscious, golden
Zarina – Conscious, golden
Zavaahar – Precious
Zavahar – Precious
Zawahar – Precious
Zebavanth – Utterly beautiful
Zebawant – Utterly beautiful
Zeenat – Adornment, delicate, honorable, ornament
Zehavil – Golden
Zhaalang – Morning
Zhaalangh – Morning time
Zhaamarree – Affectionate embrace after long separation
Zhaamari – Affectionate embrace after long separation
Zhaanj – Musical sound of instruments
Zhaanz – Musical sound of instruments
Zhaanzhaan – Sound of cymbals, finger cymbals


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