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I am short tempered, He is not. One day we argued on some silly topic and in anger I hit him on his face but still he came within 10 min to me and said leave all this and calm down. (I feel so bad that why I hit him?)

Every single day I mean night, he gives me a leg massage because I have a big leg problem. Don’t know why my leg pains during the night. But thanks to him I can survive and sleep well.

One more unusual habit of mine, without having milk I won’t be able to sleep properly. If I sleep without having milk, I woke up without any reason at midnight. So, once he knows about this habit of mine, he always reminds me that did you had your milk or not? Isn’t it cute? But the cutest thing is: “One day we were out and came home around 2 30 AM. I went to freshen up and when I came out what I saw? He was standing there with the cup of milk.

One more cutest incident: One day at our place, in dinner there were Sabji (Which I didn’t like at all) and Parathas. So, he asked me to call (because he usually comes home from work around 10 or 10 30 PM.) that “Did you have proper dinner?” I said yes (Because I don’t want him to take any stress that I didn’t have my dinner). When he came home He told me “let’s go out and have something, you must be hungry.” I said “No.

I just had milk, so I am full now.” But around 3:00 AM in the night, I was so hungry and he almost slept, but he saw that I won’t be able to sleep so he said let’s go out and have something. And I feel so good. I instantly said yes and we went out and I had Maggie and coffee!

These are a few reasons I pen down here. Every single day He gives me the number of reasons to feel special and to be happy that I got the best husband ever.

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