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Producer Dxxx is a youtube channel run by Harinder Sidhu, Bhaana Sidhu and many other youths of village Kotduna.They completed 100,000 subscribers on 7 July 2018.It is one of the most subscribed individual comedy punjabi channel.

As the channel was created on 12 June 2016 but they didn’t get initial success from YouTube. They credit Instagram for their initial success.By the end of 2016 and start of 2017 they started getting success on Instagram by their funny stories.

He use to make the videos related to Punjab culture which are based on the old quotes of Punjab.

Producer Dxxx Facebook, instagram Snapchat, Twitter all over users name 👉🏻 Producerdxx. Vpo kotduna district Sangrur Punjab head office Patiala any enquiry 9803446180 sirf kmm di gll krn lyi cl kro , fuddu ptakke naa maro 👍🏼. Har Saturday 10am new video auni aa 💀

Producer Dxx was born in a village of Punjab named Kot Duna. He completed his schooling from the governmental school of the village Kot Duna.

After that, he completed his graduation in a well-reputed college of Punjab. But he didn’t get any government job and then he started doing agriculture.

In 2014 Producer and his friends make a movie on Punjabi culture but that video did not get many likes or appreciation.

But that video gave him an idea for starting a Youtube channel. So he started a YouTube channel in 2015 named Producer Dxxx.

Moreover, he makes his mind to become a successful Youtuber. But in initial months he did not get any response from the viewers.

But he never gave up. Producer makes his Facebook and Instagram pages and started making stories on Instagram.

After one year he got an appreciation from his followers and this helps him to continue his journey.


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