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Best  Love Conversations Between Couple

She was angry on him (actually pretending to be angry). Phone ringed,

He: Hi teddy

She: (In a low voice) Yeah tell.

He: You are not my teddy. I want to talk to my teddy.

She: This is Ananya. I’m her friend tell me only.

He: No, I want to talk to my teddy. I’m missing her so much.

She: Huh? You neither called nor messaged. Now you remembered her ah?

He: I don’t want to tell to you. My teddy will understand why I didn’t call her.

(She understood the situation.)

She: You know teddy doesn’t love you. She is not worth for your love. You deserve someone better. I know that. Leave her.

He: Huh? I know about my Teddy. I don’t want to know about her from you.

She: She irritates you so much na, Still you like her?

He: I love that. It is only me with whom she can be completely her.

She: (Blushing :P) Ufff, you are so much into her. Think once before falling.

He: I know about my teddy. You don’t need to worry for that.

She: My baby!!!! I love you ra.

He: I love you to my Teddy.


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