Kesari Movie 2019 Director, Producers, Writer, Release Date, Budget, Movie Cast, Story, Song And Release Date


Kesari Movie Director, Producers, Writer, Release Date, Budget, Movie Cast, Story

Kesari is a film based on the action of upcoming Akshay Kumar. Due to this film, Akshay Kumar has been in the news. Kesari Movie first teaser is launched recently. Kesari Movie was directed by Anurag Singh. The story of the film was based in 1897 on the battle between the British Indian Army and the Afghan Pashto Military in Bich Saragarhi.

First Salaman Khan work in Kesari movie but some reason he not a part of Kesari Movie. Akshay Kumar has worked hard for this film. Akshay Kumar himself has some stunts in the film. Of all the upcoming Akshay Kumar movies, “Kesari” is his special film.

Kesari Movie Director, Producers, Writer, Release Date and Budget

Director – Anurag Singh
Producers – Gaurav Bose, Karan Johar, Sunir Kheterpal, Akshay Kumar, Apoorva Mehta, Somesh Shivraj, Navmeet Singh
Story Writer – Girish Kohli, Anurag Singh
Music by – Tanishk Bagchi, Arco Pravo Mukherjee, Chintan Bhatt, Jasbir Jassi
Background Music by – Raju Singh
Distribute by – Dharma Production, Cape of Good films, Zee Studios
Movie Cinematography – Anshul Chobey
Trailer Release Date – 20 February 2019 (Watch)
Kesari Movie Released Date – 21 March 2019
Movie Budget – N/A
Language – Hindi

Kesari Movie Star Cast

Akshay Kumar played the main role in this movie. He played Havildar Ishar Singh Role.
Parineeti Chopra also played an important role in the film. Her name is in this movie Eesha.
In the film, Vansh Bhardwaj played Chanda Singh.
Jaspreet Singh played Taklu role.
Mir Sarwar plays Khan Masud role.
Edward Sonnenblick plays Lt. Lawrence role.
Mark Bennington plays John Haughton role.
Toranj Kayvon plays Gulwarien role.

Kesari Movie Song

Two songs from the movie have been released.

“Sanu Kehndi” song is from Lirix Kumar and music belongs to Tanishk Bagchi. This song is sung by the Brijesh Shandilya and Romy van Ooijen.(Watch)

“Aaj Singh Garjana” song lyrics by Kuvar Juneja and music by Chintan Bhatt. this song is sung by the Jazzy B.

Kesari Movie Story

The story of Kesari is based on the war of Saragarhi. The story of this film starts in 1894. Akshay Kumar’s patriotism and heroism will be more visible in this film. When British rule was on India, then the British had occupied the whole of India.

Afghanism was on the northeastern border when the British had a rule in India. Afghan wanted to rule and regain the 2 forts there. But before that, Afghan was needed as much as the fort of Saragarhi. After the fort of Saragarhi, he could climb on two forts.

Afghani wants to win the Saragarhi fort. They prepared the army of 1000 soldiers for Saragarhi and attacked the fort. When the attack on the fort, 21 Sikh soldiers were stationed in the fort inside the fort. One of the Sikhs sent a message to his partner for help, but his partner expressed his inability to help.

Now the Sikhs had two ways: “Save life and war,” but Sikhs were not left behind by any single Sikh and decided to go ahead and fight for 1000. And they prove that “Sava Lakhs Se Aek Ladavu”.

21 Sikh fight with 1000 Soldiers and they kill 180 Soldiers. With the slogan “Jo Bole So Nihal”, fighting continued till the end and sacrificed his life. The war lasted for a long time.

This war is known for the valor of Sikh. This kind of war will be shown in the Kesari Movie.

I hope you like Kesari Movie and watch on 22 March 2019 in Box Office. After watching Kesari Movie please share with us your review.

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