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Jasmine Sandlas Early Life

Jasmine was born and raised in a Panjabi family of Jalander and completed her primary education from here only. But when she turned 13 , her family shifted to California. Jasmine started learning music in very early age and when she went California she impressed by West Coast Music. During her studies , she also started writing lyrics of the songs.

Jasmine Sandlas Music career

Jasmine started her singing career in 2008 with the album The Diamond but she got recognization by her album Gulabi in 2012. In 2014 Jasmine Sandlas sang two hit songs for Bollywood movies with the collaboration of Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Jasmine Sandlas is a Panjabi singer , song writer and performer who was born in Jalander Panjab. She is the very bold girl and loves her independence. Jasmine mainly sang Hindi and Punjabi songs. She was last seen in MTV show Angels Of Rock which was a woman-centric show. Jasmine sang many super duper hit songs like Yaar Na Miley for the movie Kick , Ishq Da Sutta for One Night Stand movie.

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