Interesting Unique Facts About Poland 2019


Do You Know About Poland ?

In Poland place know warsaw were world thinnest house is only 4 feet wide, 33 ft depth , 30ft tall .

There is monument of wikipedia in slubice,poland.

The Fiat was the first mass produced car in Poland and 10,000 were sold before the eve of WWII.

In United States, you (on average) will live to approximately 79.56. In Poland, the average life expectancy is 76.65.

United States has a total of 19,924 km of coastline, while Poland has a total of 440 km.

In Germany, 5.3% of people are unemployed, and in Poland 10.3% are unemployed.

President of Poland awards a couple with medal who remain married for atleast 50 years.

Vodka was originally produced in the 8th century in Poland.

Nazis used polish jokes strategically for justify crime.

Poland require 1334 yrs to double it’s population.

Rent Prices in India are 54.54% lower than in Poland.

World strongest man is from Poland.

90 % of poles are secondary educated and 50% are degree educated.

Wieliczka Salt Mine or “Kopalnia soli Wieliczka” build in the 13th century which is oldest salt mine still in operation until 2007.

Poland is very expensive for clothes and electronic.

In Poland water pipe are frozen in November and January.

50% Poland is cover with forest 9300 lakes 23 National parks and 1 desert.

Poland is very famous for Hand – kissing.

It’s is also know for Solidarnost.

Almost 300 Miniature Gnomes are live in Wroclaw.

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