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My husband tried to encourage me to join gym 2 years back. Not for any particular reason but for health benefits. Being a gym lover he wanted me to follow healthy routine. He tried to fight with my endless excuses for good 2 months . One Sunday morning he asked me to get ready and said that you are going to join Gym. I started the drama-“No..i am not going, Don’t force me. What if I’ll get fat? You are not going to love me the same n so on…” I was crying just like it’s my first day in school.

He hugged me at that time and said patiently it’s okay, we are not going

Next day, same sentence. “Get ready, You are going to Gym. Just for 1 week. If you not going to like , leave it”.

I was tired of this topic so I thought to give it a shot.

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