Indian Desi Real Girls Images And Pictures 2019


Indian Desi Real Girls Images And Pictures 2019

I can’t really call it a date for it was more of a surprise. But it was the first time we met after knowing that we had feelings for each other.

It was a Friday night and I was supposed to travel home. I reached the bus stop a lot earlier than I was supposed to. I was texting him. I had told him that I liked him. I had met him a few times before but not after I confessed my feelings for him. I usually met him on weekends but this weekend I couldn’t since I was going to my hometown. We were both feeling bad. So here I was sitting in the bus stop and I was texting him. We were having random conversations and he was still at work or so I thought. Then suddenly he texted me and asked me to come out of the seating area. I asked him why. “For some fresh air”, he said. He repeatedly kept asking me to come out. He immediately called me up and asked me to come out and now I knew something was going on!

I went out while I was still talking on the phone and guess whom did I see there? Him! I was overjoyed! I smiled and so did he. He had left early from work and then skipped dinner just so that he could meet me! For a few moments, I just didn’t know what to say! I just stood there looking at him. It took some time for me to start talking. And then he suggested we go for a walk. The bus wasn’t supposed to arrive for at least another half hour, so I readily agreed. I kept blabbering like I always do and he kept listening to me. And as we walked, our fingers brushed against each others. And the gentleman that he is, he asked me if he could hold my hand. I definitely wanted him to hold my hand. And we walked hand in hand, happy to have found each other. Though we knew that we loved each other, we hadn’t told it before because we wanted it to be face to face! And then on that beautiful night, amidst the chaos of a busy road, we stood there looking into each other’s eyes as we told each other those three magical words in our mother tongue. Yes we wanted it that way! For me, the surrounding noise was silenced. I didn’t hear anything except for what he said.

We stood there, his arm around my shoulders as I lay my head on his shoulder and we kept talking!

It was time for the bus to arrive and I was feeling sad that I had to go. But luckily for us my bus was delayed for a while and we got to spend more time with each other. But when the bus finally came, I didn’t want to let go! I just hugged him tight before I boarded the bus!
I will always remember that beautiful night ! It was one of the best days of my life. And the surprise was the most unexpected one! So that my dear friends, was my first date!

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