Indian Beautiful Hot Aunty Whatsapp 2019 Numbers List


First Name: Queen

Last Name: Sharda

Education: Bbsc.It

Gender: Female

Religion: Islam

Language: Urdu

Mobile Number: +919464391015

Hobbies: Music,Movies & Cricket

Occupation: Student

Town: Lahore

City/State: Punjab

Country: Pakistan

Hi friends, My name is Mariam and I belong to Lahore the beautiful heartiest city of Pakistan. I am good looking, fair color & well educated. Listening music, sleeping, watching movies & cricket are my hobbies. I am simple girl and do not look for expensive things in life as I do not compare myself with any other celebrity or personality. I am looking for a friend online so sharing my Mobile number in the category Punjabi girls mobile number . I am well educated and studying in BBA 2nd semester, also working part time as freelancer on different project from Fiver and other sites.

I am self motivated and do not hesitate to express my feelings to my parents and friends. I am looking for decent friend online for friendship. I am interested in Dubai and Saudi Arabia man so any one interested in Pakistan or Arab can contact with me on my mobile number in the profile. It is very good to find this site to share mobile number and profile for friendship to meet with new friends and make a relationship.

How sweet seems a honeymoon period! Love is showered without asking. The moment they sit together, a hug goes by default.

Licking one ice cream together, eating with the same spoon in the same plate, listening to each other for hours and then sleeping in arms. How sexy and dreamy this life seems!

I am sure, many of us can relate this to the initial days of our marriages. But after few years, things start changing.

Our promises to understand each other, no matter what all vicissitudes life would bring, eventually fail with time.

A lovely wife may turn into a super caring mother and husband may feel lonely, longing for emotional connection.

A wife may take the relationship so lightly thinking that the days of romance are gone, as they are touching 40.

A husband may take his wife for granted and live life with no enthusiasm which leads a woman to indifference and discontent.


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