Hot Beautiful Pakistani Girls 2019 Photos, Images And Wallpapers


Hot Beautiful Pakistani Girls 2019 Photos, Images And Wallpapers

As a Northeast Asian person, I find Pakistani girls almost intimidating because of their beauty! I think Pakistanis look more “Western” than Indians. I feel like Indian girls (who are also very pretty in my opinion), have a more “Asian” look compared to Pakistanis. Pakistani girls almost look like they are mixed blood, as if they are half-Caucasian/half-middle eastern or something…

I’m not an expert, but every time I see a Pakistani girl, I can tell she is Pakistani because she is probably the most stunning girl I’ve seen. They have perfect features, shiny hair and are tall-ish with perfect thin legs. (I am a female, so I’m not being creepy or anything.) And I don’t think it’s about the skin color at all. Some of the most dark skinned Pakistani girls were one of the most attractive ones. Their skin somehow glows, no matter how light or dark. It may sounds weird, but I think because their skin looks “matte” or “dry”, it makes them look professionally airbrushed!

Both India and Pakistan have beautiful women, beautiful at heart, and physically too.

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