Harmanjeet Writer (Rani Tatt) Biography, Bio, Wiki, Books, Songs, Family, Village, Age, Wife, Height, Wallpapers And More


Harmanjeet Writer (Rani Tatt) Biography, Bio, Wiki, Books, Songs, Family, Village

Harmanjeet Singh Chahal

Nick Name – Harman

Birthday – 27 June 1991

Village – Khiala Kalan

District – Mansa

Profession – Writer

Gender – Male

Interested In – Men and women

Religious Views – ਨਮਸਤੰ ਅਮਜਬੇ

Married Since – 5 March 2017

Harmanjeet Singh 27, Writer, Mansa Starting out He won this year’s prestigious Yuva Sahitya Akademi Award for his debut Punjabi book Rani Tat. Harmanjeet Singh prefers to let his books do most of the talking and says, For me, the most effective way to talk about things is through verse. He attributes his love for writing to his father, who encouraged him to become a voracious reader. That was when I understood that words could have a deep conversation with you, and you did not need anyone else, he says. Lack of original voices The writer, whose book has already sold 15,000 copies and is in its ninth reprint, laments that contemporary entertainment has now been restricted to slapstick comedy and predictable love stories. He wonders what makes writers believe that the audience is not intelligent enough to decipher complicated plots? Underestimating the audience’s depth is the worst kind of disrespect one can give to the reader. We must have faith in them.

Grants and scholarships A school teacher by profession, Singh says the West is able to produce young talent consistently thanks to scholarships. Here, our major concern is running the house, so we do not have a choice but to give priority to a regular job and spend long hours there. It is sad that the government does little in this regard, says the writer who is writing his second book Sarbatt.

Writing for cinema Singh has also been writing lyrics for the Punjabi music industry and his first song Sarvaan, released in 2016, was sung by Gurshabad. He also wrote three songs for the Punjabi film Lahoriya. Talking about his writing experience for the two mediums, Singh says, “Songs are any day more democratic while penning a book.

About Harman & Rani Tatt :

HARMAN, a young lad from Khiala Kalan (a village in District Mansa of State Punjab), has made a stunning entrance into the literary world with the release of his debut book under the title “Rani Tatt” ; The Royal Element – Nature, that all the cosmos is composed of. Harman’s excels in making explicit use of Punjabi vocabulary. He brings to life the ancient words of mother script that have been buried under the depth of modern versions of the language. His words and verses of poetry as well as rhythmic prose are drenched in serene love and often leave the reader ecstastic. He has the tact of playing with words, that no contemporary can match. He already has his influence on most of the youth that imitate his style of writing.

He has gained his wisdom of writing through introspection, reading world literature and travelling. He dreams of travelling every corner of Earth. The barefooted touch of mud fascinates him and the effect outflows as poetry.He has immaculate fondness for the brown earth, Azure skies, chirping birds, flowing waters and rolling pebbles. All these combine to form his very own Sovereign Element – Rani Tatt.

Rani Tatt has received an overwhelming response from Punjabi readers. Demolishing the myth that Punjabi books can’t sell more than 500 copies, the author even got the second edition of book published after 10 days from release of its first edition. A 26-year-old poet from Khiala Kalan started writing poems on nature, Punjabi life, struggles and legends a few years ago. Facebook was the only platform for him to express and share his ideas. A large number of readers from Punjab and abroad appreciated his poetry and motivated Harman to write a book. He just expressed his style of writing in this book. The readers expressed that it’s unique and appreciated it because of its freshness. While pursuing his graduation, Harman had a big fan following of youths, especially on social media. However, most of the readers are young, who are often blamed to stay away from literature, but a large number of elderly, especially women, appreciated him.

Harp Farmer from Colors of Punjab, publisher of the book, stated, “The canvas of Harman’s writing is quite vast starting from Guru Nanak, touches Vedas, Gurbani, Guru Gobind Singh, Baba Farid and Babu Rajab Ali. He has read world literature and is aware about the modern expressions of art. He has also studied about the poets and intellectuals of the medieval period. Moreover, Harman is much concerned about Punjab and Punjabis. So, we were expecting this response.” People, who do not claim their higher qualifications and belong to villages, are also responding to the book. This is more precious than a poet, writer and doctorate in literature commenting on it.Currently, he is serving as a Primary Teacher in Govt. Sector.

Harman has established himslef as a great lyricist in the Punjabi Film Industry by contributing ‘Rajeya’ song in movie ‘Sarvann’ and ‘Gutt ch Lahore,Paani Raavi Da, Mitti da Putla in Amrinder Gill’s movie ‘Lahoriye’.


1. Sahitya Akademi Yuva Award 2017 ( Rani Tatt )
2. Punjabi Sahit Academy Award 2014 ( Prose Writing )
3. Hook2book.com Best Seller Award 2016 ( Rani Tatt )
4. Shri Kanwar Singh Chauhan Yadgari Nazam Puraskar 2016 ( Rani Tatt )

We recommend you to read and rejoice his art. Do pay a visit at the link given below. We assure you that your presence is immensely valued.



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