General Knowledge Question And Answers For Kids 2019


    GK Question and Answers for Kindergarten and Class 1st Standard Kids (Age – 2 to 6 Years) In this section you can online practice & preparation for General Knowledge Questions and answers our team selected all these GK Questions And Answers.You can get the important General Knowledge questions and answers from our page. Users can gain more General Knowledge by reading this Post

    For kindergarteners and 1st graders make sure the questions have simple one-word answers. Here are 10 basic GK questions for kids between 3 and 6 years.

    1. What colour starts with the letter “G”?

    Answer: Grey

    2. What comes after the number 7?

    Answer: The number 8

    3. During which festival does Santa come to visit?

    Answer: Christmas

    4. How many fingers do you have in one hand?

    Answer: 5 fingers

    5. What do you drink that comes from a cow?

    Answer: Milk

    6. When is the time for bed?

    Answer: Night time

    7. What part of your body lets you see?

    Answer: The eyes

    8. What animal goes “Moo”?

    Answer: Cow

    9. Can you name a word that starts with the letter “C”?

    Answer: Cat

    10. What colour are apples?

    Answer: Red

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