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I have been married for six years. We stay in a different city as my in-laws love their place and can’t part. My husband and I don’t mind it much. Reasons being,

When my husband declared to his family that he would like to marry me, my MIL literally went into shock. Because I wasn’t an engineer or a doctor as she had hoped for her darling son. Profession had mattered a lot for her and she wasn’t contented with my desk job.
She showed she was all happy about the alliance and that I was blessed. But when we were alone she would say on my face how my husband deserved better.

When my father passed away, we were stuck at a place with no internet and it was in the middle of the night. We had called my MIL to ask her to book a ticket for my place to see my father for the last time. When she met me at my father’s funeral these were the exact words, “This is why I wanted a working woman from my son. See you couldn’t even afford to pay for your own transportation to see your father for the last time. My son and I had to do it for you.” I pointed out it was the lack of internet access but the words had already pierced my heart.\

She wouldn’t talk to our kid just because my kid wouldn’t speak their native language. Considering we stay in another state it is but natural but not for her.
When she was visiting us last time, I came home from work starving at 3.30 pm only to find there was no food for me. I had clearly said I was going to be home for lunch. “Go and make for yourself. How much time does it take? It is better than wasting food.” she said.
I was in a lot of pain during my monthly period once and it was paining more than it usually does. I lay in my room and told her I wasn’t well and asked that if she would cook this time. I heard her cooking in the kitchen and I closed my eyes and slept for sometime. When my husband came home and asked me for food I realised she had only cooked for herself and my FIL. She didn’t even consider our little kid!

Around the same time we had once gone out for ice-cream. We had asked them to accompany us but they didn’t come. Our kid decided to stay with them so we went alone. We had gotten alone time after a long time so we came back to our house an hour later to see the the main door unlocked and the house was in pitch darkness. My in-laws were sleeping soundly in their room and my kid was sitting in our room all scared. “They sent me out of their room and closed the door.” My kid said and we were stunned. What if my kid had opened the door and ventured out looking for us? I thought. I was too shocked at the behavior.
We haven’t been in touch with them since then. Something broke inside my husband that day and he distanced himself.

I have always seen her as a mother but lately things have changed. We tried talking about it but it only resulted in fights and drama.

I have forgiven her, but still it pinches me in the heart when I think about it.

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