Dancer Sapna Choudhary Beautiful Wallpapers And Pictures


Real Name – Sapna Choudhary

Nickname – Sapna

Profession – Dancer, Singer

Date of Birth – 1990

Place of Birth – Rohtak,Haryana, India

HomeTown – Haryana

Nationality – Indian

Sapna Choudhary Is A Beautiful Haryanvi Dancer.Sapna Choudhary Dance Moves Are Amazing.Sapna Choudhary Is Belongs To Middel Class Family.Sapna Choudhary Is Fond Of Dacing.Sapna Choudhary Wiki, Biography, Height, Age, Husband, Family, Caste.

Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Choudhary was born 1990 Age 27 Years in Rohtak, Haryana, India. She is a Very Beautiful and Most popular Dancer in Haryana, India. She is a Very Good Dancer of Haryana. Sapna Choudhary established herself as a one of the leading & Successful Dancer.

She was Choose dancing as a career option. She is Very popular & Talented Dancer in Haryana State. Sapna Choudhary completed her basic Education from Haryana. She is rose to famous for seen in Arkestra Shows. Sapna Choudhary is a Biggest Fan of Bollywood Actress Deepika Padukone.

Sapna Choudhary Recently started her career, but this short time she established herself as a famous Dancer. She last seen in Delhi with her mother. She has one brother and one sister in her family. Sapna Choudhary belongs to a middle class family and she always try to expand her good time with her mother.

She is very close to her mother. Sapna Choudhary is a Very Popular Dancer and Singer in Haryana State. Sapna most popular songs such as ‘Solid Body, Gora Gora, Sara Rola Pathil Kamar Ka, Bahu Zamidar Ki, Rate Vade Ge, Kahrboje Si Teri Jawani and Dahta Marna’.

Sapna Choudhary has a huge fan following in States like Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh,Haryana,Chandigarh. It is said that when she performs in parties and Live  between the audience, people go crazy.

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