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Although my third date with this guy but truly the most memorable. It was hardly an hour long date due to paucity of time as I had to rush back home but yes a date worth remembering ! ūüėÄ

So the story goes like this…

It was my birthday and we both were at work the whole day. He drew me a sketch for my birthday and asked me if it was possible to meet in the evening after work. I live with my parents and it was way difficult but I cooked up a story and managed to buy an hour’s time from home.

We both work at 2 opposite places and so decided to meet midway at a point from where I could easily head back home while he would have to travel all the way back from where he started. (* Delhi Metro saves the day*).
We met and soon started looking for a place to sit but then we saw the clock ticking and stopped by the roadside. He took out a pastry and candles along with the sketch from his bag and made me cut it on the street with people staring at us. The workers standing nearby also clapped and wished me and yes it was a bit embarrassing :D. (He also got a b’day cap for me but I’m thankful he agreed when I told him I wouldn’t wear it around this place :P)

We went back to the metro and now we had to travel in the opposite directions BUT he chose not to. Instead he traveled with me to drop me at my stop which would take 40 mins from where we were. Technically speaking it would now take him 2 hours to reach home but he didn’t care and I was guilty of that he had to travel so much because of me. ( We were just dating and nothing else).
I being a hopeless girl was out of words to tell him what a lovely time it was and how great I felt that evening.

That night he told me he felt like holding my hand a couple of times today and again being a hopeless person all I could reply was ‚Äúohh Okay :)‚ÄĚ although I felt some jitters as well when he told me.

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