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When I graduated high school, I had a huge crush on one of my closest friends. I’d been dropping hints for months, but he never picked up on anything. He was leaving for basic training shortly after we graduated, so I made up my mind to not tell him about my crush— it didn’t seem fair to drop it on him when he was about to leave. But he kept hounding me, begging to know who this guy was that I was so enamored with (I’d made the mistake of mentioning I had a crush on someone). Finally, a week before he shipped out, I admitted to him that I’d been crushing on him the entire time, but since I’d assumed he didn’t like me back, I’d accepted a date from another guy in our class.

He went quiet on me for a bit after that. We talked sporadically about trivial things, but nothing really in depth like we used to. I thought he was trying to let me down easy, so I went on the date with the other guy (spoiler alert: it didn’t go well). When I returned home later that night, I got an earful from my best friend, who said that my guy friend had been bugging her all night. He’d apparently liked me back but wasn’t sure what to do about it, especially since I was on a date with another guy. Eventually, my best friend had told him, “It’s not like they’re getting married. You still have a shot with her. So either hitch up your big boy pants and ask her out, or leave her the hell alone.”



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