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Beautiful Indian Punjabi Models Girls

You choose if this is epic. This is a story of my friend. He was a student of one of the best Engineering colleges of the country. He was not a handsome hunk but was quite good at flirting around. In a college with a sex ration 10:1, he somehow had 5-6 gf’s in the first two years of college. It was at the end of second year that he found his true love. She loved him too and they were the most romantic couple in our campus then. My friend, being great with girls always kept her happy and made life thrilling and exciting for her. He somehow had to drop out of college and go back to his hometown. The girl got placed and left college. This increased distance and eventually, the girl broke up.

The guy didn’t know what to do. He left home. We never knew where he was for 4 long years when recently, I ran into him in a mall in Delhi. Met him at the parking lot. He was parking his car and carrying a 2 year old kid. I expected him to be married. Talking to him made tears come out of my eyes involuntarily. He started his own business. Earned well. Adopted a son and was living with him. He said he’ll raise him up just like he and his gf always wanted to. I asked him why hasn’t he married. He just told me one thing. I’ve played around with a lot of girls and was never serious with any of them and they knew it. But to this girl, I promised a lifetime. So, I am still waiting for her in case she decides to come back.

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