Beautiful Hot Sexy Indian Girls In Saree Photos And Wallpapers


Hot Sexy Indian Girls In Saree Photos And Wallpapers

This is an easy one for me to answer. I called it quits with my ex wife when I told her she was the same girl I married out of high school and her response to me was, “ that girl is gone and I’ve made changes in my life and they don’t include you.” This was her response to me after she had been caught in an adulterous affair. I was bound damned and determined to make my marriage work and had forgiven her up until this point.

I spent endless nights alone in hotel rooms attempting to drink my troubles away which always ended up with me in the fetal position crying my eyes out over my loss. I shed many tears over this bitch I once called my wife all the while she remained stoic with dry eyes. It was not until she uttered those words did it dawn on me that it was over. In response to hearing those words, I sat up, dried my eyes and began to hate that thing called a woman with a passion that no human being should experience. Oh, I failed to mention, this was her second affair after our reconciliation three month prior. My only daughter was 9 months old.


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