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My first date in college. I’d known the guy for about a week and we decided to meet over coffee. I was quite nervous.

Him-So, how’s everything going?

Me(Nervous)- Good. You?

Him-Caught up in a lot of assignments. So what all clubs and departments did you join?

Me(Nervous)- Basketball. You?

Him-Talks for 5 minutes. No other clubs?

Me(Nervous)- Don’t know. You?

Him- Asks about family, friends, experiences in college.

Me(Nervous)- Good, good, good. You?

Him- (Seemed to be a little irked by now). So what else?

Me(Still so Nervous) – Umm nothing much. The coffee is so good here. You say?

He looks at me with a weird face. Says absolutely nothing!

Me(I’ve lost him already) – Sorry I can’t think of anything when you come in front of me. Could you do the talking?

(He smiles awkwardly)

Him- Well, okay! (He couldn’t say anything after that. We just sat like two dumb people for 5 minutes)

Him- I have some assignments to complete tonight! Will see you later?

Me(Pretty sure, I’m never going to hear from him again :’( ) -Sure

Well I did

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