Beautiful And Desi Aunties Bhabhis Wallpapers 2019


Beautiful And Desi Aunties Bhabhis Wallpapers 2019

Mine was quite an A-rated. She was a friend of mine (now she is my wife), it was my birthday so she invited me for a dinner at her place. After few drinks our hidden attraction and feelings towards each other started taking over. Now i finally proposed her but i didnt got any clear concrete response in yes or no. She simply answered with a cute “shut up”. Evening wasn’t turned into a date yet.

Half an hour down the line we were in each other’s arms and was not definitely not a posture for two good friends to be in. Now it was quite like a date, hugging kissing cuddling etc etc. It ws my dick what she noticed popping out of my lower. She asked wtz happening in there I was like *ummm* wt to say. She said show me huz he.. I was stunned and frozen for a moment. This was never happened and also. Nvr imagined going to happen so fast. I took him out now after a short foreplay I was time to experience my first ever BJ in life. First date first proposal first BJ unforgettable.

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