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Christchurch is one of the world’s most unique destinations, combining urban regeneration and innovation with heritage, culture and exhilarating activity.Christchurch Is A One Of Best City Of Newzealand.Christchurch Is a Beautiful City.

It is the largest city in the South Island, and the 3rd largest urban area in the country in terms of population.

The population of Christchurch is around 350,000.

The nickname of Christchurch is the “Garden City” owing to its large botanic gardens and central park.

Archaeological evidence suggests that Christchurch was first settled by Maori in the 13th Century.

Christchurch was the first place in New Zealand to officially become a city; this occurred on July 31, 1856.

The 1974 Commonwealth Games were hosted in Christchurch. QEII Park (named after Queen Elizabeth II)

A fire in the Ballantynes department store in 1947 remains the worst fire disaster in New Zealand history, with 41 fatalities.

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