500 Punjabi Baby Boy Stylish Names With Meanings


500 Sikh Or Punjabi Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Choosing a name for your new-born can be both exciting and overwhelming. A name becomes a part of the child’ identity for life. Ideally, a name should have a character to it which may give your child his distinct entity. There can be as many ways and customs to select a name as the varieties of names available.

The possibilities can be endless. The most important thing while picking a name for your baby is that you go in for the one you love. In the Sikh community, religion plays a significant role in selecting a baby’s name. Sikh names are usually picked out from the Sikh’s Holy Book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

List of Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names

Here is a List of Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names

Name                        Meaning
Agamjot The profound, far-reaching light of God
Aneeldeep Holy, pristine light
Bhagatveer The fearless devotee of God
Balnoor Light of the strong
Chetanjeet Conqueror of the consciousness, the spirit of life
Chiragdeep Lamp, light
Chirjot The light that lasts till infinity
Daler Bold, valiant, brave, heroic, fearless
Dilsher Lion-hearted, one who is brave and determined
Ekam Oneness with God; united, unmatched, supreme spirit
Ekjot One divine light, God is one
Fatehbir Victorious brave, champion
Fazilnoor The light of the superior, scholar
Guneet Meritorious, worthy, talented
Guntaj One who is wearing the crown of many talents
Harbir God’s warrior
Harbaksh Divinely gifted
Inderveer Warrior of God
Ikbir One who is courageous
Jagvir Victor of the world
Jaikaar Glorious, shining victory or success
Karanveer Brave and kind warrior
Kuwarjeet A victorious prince
Lakbir One who is as brave as one hundred thousand
Lajpal Guardian of honour
Manandeep Enlightened soul, mind, conscience
Manraj One who rules over hearts
Navtej Original, new light
Nirmal Pure and clean
Ompreet Love for the divine name
Opinder Nearness to God
Palvinder Moments spent remembering God
Paramjot The supreme light, divine light
Qudrat Power, might, strength; nature
Ranbir Triumphant in war; a valiant warrior
Raftaar Speed; gait
Sachdeep Light of divine truth
Sarabjot All-pervading, powerful light
Santokh Contentment and peace; serenity
Tejpal Protector of light, intense glory, splendour
Taranjit Victory over oppression, bondage
Upinder Closeness to God,
Udayvir Rising brave
Upkar Kindness, favour
Vachan Vow, declaration, speech
Veerjot Brave, courageous
Wichar Reflection, musing on God
Wasimjit Graceful triumph
Yuvraj Prince; heir to be
Yadvir Memorable; special
Modern Sikh Baby Boy Names
Some modern Sikh baby boy names can be:

Name Meaning
Akalbir Immortal warrior of God
Arshbir Dominion of sky
Baaz Eagle, Falcon, to play a musical instrument
Bhavneet Good of the world
Birjot Light of the courageous
Chetveer Brave, conscious
Chehzaad Prince; a Leading Light
Devjot Divine Light
Dharvanbir Heroic winner
Ekjeet The only triumphant; champion
Eqbal Destiny, glory
Fatehjit Victorious conqueror
Furman Supreme or Divine command
Gianjot Divine light of knowledge
Gunkar One who owns many merits
Hardit Granted by God
Hargun One who has Godly qualities
Harneet Eternal God; beautiful
Ikroop Divine Oneness
Ishit One who wishes to rule
Itbaar Conviction, faith
Jaideep Victory Light
Jap Singing hymns, Naam simran, chant God’s name
Kanwar Prince
Karam God’s grace; personal deeds
Laajbir Very respectful
Lokej Protector of Honour
Mahtaab Moonlight
Majeet One who is present in the mind
Naambir Brave one who remembers God
Navnoor Light of happiness
Ompal God
Opraaj God’s Kingdom
Palbinder Moments spent remembering God
Paweet Ruler, King
Pooran The perfect or complete man
Rachanbir Creative and brave
Rajandeep Discerning Light; the Light of the King
Rajbir Brave warrior of the rule; superior
Rasamrit One who has the Highest Elixir
Ratandeep Valuable like the God’s light
Sabjeet Champion of everything
Sachpal Guardian of Truth
Saranbir Brave in God’s protection
Tabhjot God
Tajpreet Always happy
Tapanjot Divine Light of Warmth
Uchitpal Protector of righteousness
Udaiyan The rising
Uditbir Radiant, brave
Latest Punjabi Baby Names for Boys
Some latest Punjabi baby names for boys can be:

Name Meaning
Aadjot Divine Light of God
Anokh Unique and wondrous
Aajitt One who cannot be defeated
Bakhtawar The bearer of good fortune, lucky
Bhumeet Love
Birpal Protector of brave
Chaitan Realization, consciousness
Chanderjit Conqueror of the Moon
Charat On victorious, successful path
Dheerajbir Brave and persistent
Dilbir Friendly; beloved
Eashar A Godly person, good man
Ekas One God; different; One in all God’s creatures
Gurvir Guru’s warrior
Gajan To roar; thunder
Gursheel Humility blessed by the Guru
Harman Loved by all
Hans Swan; Gracious God
Haransh A part of God
Harnek God’s honourable person
Ikhtiar Power; control; authority
Iktaj One ruler; One crown
Jagat World; The Universe
Jaghr Awakened soul; Enlightenment
Jeet Victorious
Kanan Jungle, forest
Kavan Who
Lakar Challenge
Livtar Unending love or adoration for God
Maanas Human
Mahip Earth’s protector
Mantaj Crown of the mind
Navnihal Youth
Navraj New, novel rule
Ojas Full of brilliance, light; body strength, the nectar of life
Pagat Clean and pure
Pahal The beginning
Prabh God
Raunaq Living in splendour
Raushan Famous, illustrious person; the Exalted
Raviraj Lord Surya; King of Sun
Sabrr Fortitude, Patience
Shaman One who knows
Shamsher Courageous like a lion
Tandeep Inner Light, Soul
Taran Saviour of all; raft; Heaven
Tarunpal Protector of freshness, youth
Uddam Hard work, effort
Umed Hope
Unkar Name of God

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  •  500 Punjabi Baby Boy Stylish Names With Meanings
  •  List of Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  Here is a List of Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy Name
  •  List of Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy Names
  •  List of Some Unique Sikh Baby Boy


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