5 True Signs Your Partner Loves You Truly


He needs to know if, where ever I am. And most important if I am safe. If I am coming from work or going to work or out for meeting; I have to text and inform him,that I have reached and I am safe.

If you ever find someone who would do anything to keep you in their, that’s when you know you are with the right person and you know they love you for you, and more than you even know

1. They want to grow old with you.

2. They are genuinely proud of you.

3 They love you without any limitations.

4.They are not judgemental.

5. They always try their best to protect you.

Once I came home from work early and I had not slept a night before, so I was really exhausted. The moment I came home, I switched off my phone and I slept.

I woke up late evening, I switched on my phone,and I got message alert stating I had 21 miss calls, 7 messages and 5 what’s app call. I called him back and he started yelling at me, about being this irresponsible I am.

He expected me to call him, and he inform him, that I have reached home. His argument was, ‘ What if something horrible had happened to you? Where am I suppose to go looking? I thought of worst thing possible.

5 True Signs Your Partner Loves You Truly



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