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When a person says “I Love you” that means he/she is loving you at that moment. His/her feelings might change tomorrow, after one week or anytime. Don’t think “they love till eternity”.

People are looking for a comfort zone, with whom they can chill out, spend some time and then move on with another one doing the same.Always make time for yourself, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Don’t devote yourself completely to one person.

‌Don’t be available to people all the time. You’ll lose your worth. Make them wait and miss you too.

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‌If you do any sacrifices, make them count. Don’t do pseudo sacrifices.

If there is something bothering you in your relationship. Talk, discuss, the debate about it, come to a conclusion and then proceed. Don’t ignore that pinching point.

Things people have once said to you, done with you, for you, they’ll do the exact same with the new one. No wonder you’ll also do the same.

Nothing remains constant, even feelings.

Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably the worst feeling ever.

For Girls:- Your Bf knows more about your male-friend than you’ll ever be. Because only Man can understand other man. So, listen to his advice about what he says about your friend.

Mistakes happen from both sides. But, if there is love on both sides no relationship would break.

You can’t remain as “Just friends” after the breakup. A friend can be a lover. But, a lover can’t be a friend. Never ever.

Girls are more emotionally strong. But, boys are far better at hiding emotions.

The only way to move on is by isolating yourself from your ex.

Pictures you’re saving from FB would tell you “How sad or well you’re going on in your life”. Don’t you believe me? Take a look back at last 1 year pictures you have saved.


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