Sidhu Moosewala Best Free 2021 Wallpapers And Pictures


Sidhu Moosewala Best Free 2021 Wallpapers And Pictures

Real Name – Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu

Profession – Singing

Nickname – Moose Wala, Sidhu Moose Wala

Hobbies – Playing musical instruments, shopping, driving

Sidhu Moose wala is a Punjabi Famous Singer and Writer. He is the real name, Shubhdeep Singh. but everyone knows him by the name of Sidhu Moose wala.

In 2017, Sidhu Moose wala made her singing debut with the song “G Wagon” with Gurlez Akhtar. In which music was of Deep Jandu.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s first song was sung by Ninja. People liked the song very much.

List of Sidhu Moosewala Songs:
License (2016)

G wagon (2017)

Aa Giya Ni Ohi Bilo (2017)

LifeStyle Banka (2017)

So high (2017)

Issa Jutt (2017)

Just Listen (2018)

Double Barrel Hommi Pabia (2018)

It’s All About You (2018)

Tochan (2018)

Dark Love (2018)

Russian Tank (2018)

Famous (2018)

Warning Shots (2018)

Dollar (2018)

Challenge (2018)

Jatt Da Muqabala (2018)

Death Route (2018)

Dawood (2018)

Badfella (2018)

Selfmade (2018)

I’m Better now (2018)

Devil (2018)

Trend (2018)

Outlaw (2019)

Dhokaa (2019)

Chosen (2019)

Legend (2019)

Cutt Off (2019)

East Side Flow (2019)

Sidhu’s Anthem (2019)

Mafia Style (2019)

He won the best Lyricist Award at Brit Asia Music Awards.



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