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We both reached restaurant on time.

The waiter came to our table with a menu. I ordered sev

puri and strawberry juice, whereas Rubina ordered just a

glass of orange juice.

I said, “North Indian recipes are delicious here. You

should try it.”

“No, I had a heavy lunch.”

There was pin drop silence for some time. That usually

happens during the first date. Rubina did not attempt to

make friendly conversation. Maybe she was thinking that I

was not a good match for her.

Nevertheless, I refused to give up and tried my best to

strike a bond of friendship with her.

“What is your plan?” I asked.

She gazed towards me and I said, “I mean…future plans…”

She stammered, “Well…my plans…”

She took a long pause and then continued, “I wanted to

prepare for CAT exams, but my parents are seriously looking

for a guy for me.”

That was an interesting topic to discuss.

“You don’t want to get married now?” It was a prompt


She explained, “It is not that I do not want to get married

now. It’s just that my expectations about a guy and my

parents’ expectations for the same hardly match.”

I was curious to know about her preferences. I wanted to

make sure whether I was on the list or not.

“What are your expectations? I hope you don’t mind

sharing it with me,” I said.

She said, “I am looking for someone who is handsome

and smart, someone who is settled in the U.S., and someone

who travels the world.” My heartbeat stopped for a moment

because I was nowhere on the list. I understood that she was

ambitious and that is not a bad quality at all.

“What about your parents?”

She took a sip of juice and continued, “They just want me

to get married.”

She continued, “I am fed-up of looking at matrimonial

profiles. I have already rejected more than a 100 profiles till


I agree that she was a beautiful girl with a decent job but

she was not someone who could reject all those proposals

that came her way. I think this is the problem with some

girls who crack IT jobs. A couple of idiots like me propose

to them, and then they start imagining themselves as the

‘daughters of Prince Charles’.

When I was trying to understand more about her, she

cross-questioned me, “What do you do on weekends?”

“Sleep,” I laughed.

She replied quickly. “You don’t party?” It was as if she

wanted to say, “Oh God! Don’t you brush your teeth on


Although I understood her question, yet I pretended not

to and asked, “Partying?”

“Yes, Going to pubs and discos. I love to party.”

“I have been to a pub with my friends. But I did not like

that experience very much.”

For a moment, I thought about my mother. Mom would

faint if she came to know that her daughter-in-law goes to

pubs. Perhaps Rubina was trying to convey that she was not

interested in me. I just waited for the bill.

I realized that Rubina was not the kind of girl whom I had

carried along with me in my heart since childhood. Also,

from this little conversation, I could easily tell that she was a

bit arrogant and had an attitude problem. I remembered an

old saying that ‘every rose has its thorn’.

So, my first date with Rubina was a big disaster.

My True Angel


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