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My wedding story as below:

My parents were searching for a groom for more than two years. On a short vacation for a week, I and my parents came to Kerala. On a evening, dad got a call regarding a marriage proposal for me. He found it convincing and was happy and dad asked them if they can come to our house and see me. They too were happy and informed us that their son is not coming this time since it’s difficult to get leave on urgency. He works in Mumbai.

24th Nov 2016- His parents and some relatives came to my home to see me. My family and his family were happy.

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27 th Nov 2016- He came along with some other relatives. We spoke to each other and I felt he is kinda introvert and I didn’t like him much. Thinking about my parents and thinking that as time passes I will start liking him. I said okay for the proposal with a half mind. I went back to UAE

By talking with him in the phone I felt he is kind of extra descent guy who takes life too serious. My mind was still the same towards him

28 th Jan 2017- We got engaged hoping I still have time to start loving him. We haven’t met personally or not even a video call. I didn’t feel like meeting him. He had feelings towards me but I couldn’t reciprocate. We remained as friends and love was absent between us.

29 th April 2017- We got married. On the day of marriage also everything was the same. Just by trusting parents and god I married him. Yea I did!

I started liking his parents. We remained as friends and went to UAE where my parents lived at that time. We started getting to know each other and as days passed I started loving him more and more.

He was not at all the type of person which I saw before marriage. Even he is from a conservative family, so he needs to maintain that ‘decent guy’ image in front of everyone in home town. He is very outspoken and is very positive towards life. After moving to the city of dreams-Mumbai, I started enjoying every bit of it. I have experienced everything whatever I wished for within this one and half year of married life and still it continues.

I could learn many things and understand many things about life after marriage. He wants me to be a complete independent girl. I have the freedom to go out any time just that I need to inform him. He protects me like a father. He cares me like a mother. We fight like siblings. We have fun like friends. He loves and supports me like a husband. He is the best. He never forced me for anything. He always says that the only thing what I want to do for him is to stay happy and keep a happy home. He is my biggest blessing.

The way I treated him before marriage was completely wrong. Without knowing completely about a person we should not judge them. Well, Sidharth Vd is my partner.

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