Punjabi Girls 2019 Whatsapp Group Numbers List


Punjabi Girls Whatsapp Group Numbers

City – Mohali, Punjab

Collage – Dav Collage, Chandigarh

Universtiy – Punajb University Chandigarh

Whatsapp Number – +919464391015

Whatsapp Number –  Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:


I will digress from what some others have said and assert that that Punjabi girlsare as different as they come.

Punjabi girls from the city are different from those with a rural background. Girlswith an urban background might be more impressed by your social standing, ambition, etc, while those with a rural background might be more impressed with the way you carry yourself -attire, acreage, etc. It’s funny that girls could judge a guy’s potential from the shape of his turban. You might have a better chance with a girl from a cosmopolitan background with less cultural affinity.

Hindu Punjabi girls, Sikh girls, and Muslim Punjabi girls are all motivated by different things. Sikh girls and Muslim Punjabi girls are more conservative.

And as shallow as it might sound, most of them do get impressed by bling bling.

It also depends on your goal.

Do you just want to date her or do you want to consummate in marriage. The girls’ motivations will be different in both the cases, and an nri background won’t hurt in the latter case. For the former, it could be anything.

It’s complex.

Regarding some of those ideas about crooning, etc, I call that bs. She might find you amusing, and interesting, but that’s that. They are no longer the doe-eyed, dreamy Kajol of ddlj stereotypes, they used to be.

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