Navjot Kaur Lambi Join Punjabi Ekta Party 2019


Navjot Kaur Lambi Join Punjabi Ekta Party

Navjot Kaur Lambi, daughter of a farmer of Kheowali village (3 kilometer Away from Badal village), delivers a fiery speech for about eight minutes. Each time, She gets a good response from the public In Punjab. Her speaking skills have made her a star campaigner for AAP nominee Jarnail Singh. She already has about 453,412 followers on her Facebook page.

Due to her rising popularity, especially among the youth, she even gets special time to address the public, and that too in the presence of Punjabi Ekta Party National convener Sukhpal Khaira. Yesterday, she was given a slot to address the gathering at Lambi village during Khaira’s rally.She Is very Talented Girl.She Is Still Doing Her Study.

About her turning an Punjabi Ekta Party supporter, she said: “I was inspired by the Jan Lokpal movement and started following the party about one-and-a-half-years ago.”She Is Very Honest And Talented Girl.

Navjot Kaur Lambi has extraordinary skills. Good orator. I think, She should be used by Punjabi Ekta Party to catch college and university students.

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