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Today I Want To Share My friend Story With You.Her Name Is Rakhi . She is also a fresher and also travel along with him.They got pretty close just like with other associates. Things got getting changed from one point. The girl started showing interest in him. He neglected it as she was just a close friend.

My friend is an athlete in college so he has strong structure and he got some style. The girl on other hand is gorgeous, especially her eyes. You can read a million words just by looking her eyes. Such intense her eyes were.

Eventually my friend started getting the hints but pretends he doesn’t know anything. She also got that he understood her motives but avoiding.

She started showing care and “possessiveness” on him. She never stops talking with him, In the office, cab,bus, even after reaching home. Meanwhile she shows some hints and he gets that but ignores it and she calls him a tube light.

One fine day i.e on a weekend night while texting he couldn’t control himself and opened to her. He said that he understood her motives and said i am not ready for such things as he just underwent through a really hard time. She said “ Okay, I know everything and lets talk about this on Monday and I am serious about this.”

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