Hardial Singh Bajaj – Most Educated Man In The World With 35 Degrees From Punjab


Hardial Singh Bajaj (born April 5, 1905 in Khanga Dogran, British India died September 18, 1967 in Singapore) was a prominent Southeast Asian of Indian origin.

He was the son of Mehar Singh (father) and Thakur Devi (mother), the eldest of six children.

He was married to Kirpal Kaur, daughter of Tara Singh (Lalaji). He then migrated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaya and became a renowned textile merchant. He was associated with Gian Singh & Co., Hardial Singh & Co. and Hardial Singh & Sons. “King of Textiles” as pronounced by The Statesman when he landed in Calcutta, India. He was a property investor and a spices and films trader.

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy from Jagraon, a town in District Ludhiana, Punjab (INDIA) is the most educated person on the planet Earth. Born in village Akhara, district Ludhiana, on 10th June, 1942 (Date of Birth), he has to his credit 35, yes, as many as THIRTY FIVE degrees, including 21 (YES, TWENTY-ONE) Post-graduation Degrees, a list of which is as follows –

1. MA (English)

2. MA (Hindi)

3. MA (Punjabi)

4. MA (Economics)

5. MA (Philosophy)

6. MA (Public Administration)

7. MA (Gandhian and Peace Studies)

8. MA (Political Science)

9. MA (History)

10. MA (Defence and Strategy)

11. MA (Ancient Hstory, Culture and Archeology)

12. MA (Sociology)

13. MA (Sikh Studies)

14. MA (Religious Studies)

15. MA (Women Studies)

16. MA (Journalism and Mass Communication)

17. Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Gandhian Studies

18. PGD in Adi Granth Acharya,

19. PGD in Population Education,

20. PGD in Mass Communication

21. PGD in Human Rights and Duties

22. LLB

23. Diploma in Guru Granth Studies,

24. Diploma of Office Organization and Procedures

25. Diploma in Civil Engineering

26. AMIE


28. Shiksha Visharad (Equivalent to B.Ed.)

29. Diploma in Medicine and Homeopathy (Gold Medalist)

30. RMP (Homeopathy)

31. RMP (Arurved)

32. Ayurved Rattan (Equivalent to BAMS)

33. Gyani

34. Vidwan

35. junior Management Course

Hardial Singh Bajaj – Most Educated Man In The World

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