Chandigarh Rich Girls Images & Pictures 2019


Chandigarh Rich Girls Images & Pictures 2019

Right now I’m feeling lonely & emotional.In the first meet, I did not talk to girl.( Now my wife)I got married around 6 months back which was an arranged marriage.Right after our engagement, I was very happy & showed unconditional love to my better half.the marriage went on smoothly.The problem started right on the day of our first night.

We had an argument as she was reluctant to first night rituals. I felt bad & slept that day.Again after 2 days, we had similar kind of fight.After speaking to her, she said let’s not try now for sometime & give her some time untill she gets a job. I said ok & was sleeping in a separate room.

But there were somedays we slept together & had some good time. But nothing was moving as others thought.

I brought up this matter to my parents & her parents like what was going on between us two.

My parents felt very bad & there parents as well, and they gave us some advice & left us.

After few days I came to know that she didn’t like me, she obeyed her parents & married me, her concern was, I was not good looking at the age of 30 and I was not earning as per expectations which was like 1L/month whereas I was making only 35k/month.

My wife even attempted suicide once by saying I was forcing her to get intimate. Her father & brother came & took her to her native for few days & she came back.

But I was very kind to her parents & was calling them every alternate day, her father even supported me during her hospitalisation (suicide attempt) and then came her brother.

My in laws took full advantage of my innocence & had plans of studying my wife’s brother in our house itself where the college was nearby, Till the time, her parents were there is no fault of you, it is all our daughter’s only, but the plan didn’t workout & he got settled in hostel, the misunderstanding started between me & her father.

After her brother was in hostel, her father had stopped calling me, before which he used to call me frequently.

Her father even started saying you have given torture to my daughter that’s why she had attempted suicide once.

But things went on.

Later my wife & me had some good time.

Moving forward my wife got conceived & she used a home test kit & confirmed it without knowing me.

Later I asked her about it & then she said to visit a doctor. While going to the doctor I asked her what was the result.

She smiled & said positive.

I was happy on one side & sad the other because she did the test without my knowledge.

Now she is in her 3rd month, her parents never call me.

I spoke to her mother 1 or 2 times after my wife’s pregnancy.

My wife hardly speaks to me. I always keep a follow up on her health, I regularly ask her to take tablets, I always bring her what she likes to eat but she is not happy but acts like being so.

Now I’m worried about our baby’s growth.

Literally I’m feeling lonely & bad being in this situation.

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