Beautiful Desi Punjabi Girls Wallpapers And Photos 2019


Punjab Has A Rich Girls.Punjabi People Are Very Nice To Everyone.Punjabi Are Very Polite.Chandigarh Is A Capital Of Punjab.Punjabi Girls Are So Beautiful.Our folk dance Bhangra and Giddha are so energetic and motivating that even a person who never danced in life or aged will start performing simple moves like raising both hands up in joy. It’s so simple for beginners.

To Best Of my knowledge, it’s the only folk dance among other Indian classical dance forms which is highly entertaining and energises even the audience ranging from children to old age people, men and women and also attract people from worldwide. And some people may disagree with me on my personal opinion that other classical dance forms in India like kathakali, bharatnatym, etc. are quite boring for viewers and not a lot of youth is attracted towards these dance forms, atleast not in North India.

Our music is awesome. Weddings in North India are incomplete without punjabi songs. Many Contemporary Bollywood movies anyways contain punjabi beat songs.

I belive our language is very beautiful.

Our weddings and parties are brilliant.

One will left spell bound if he/she see the energy of youth in rural Olympic Games such as those held in kila Raipur, or on days of nagar Kirtan, performing Sikh martial arts gatka, at shabeels/ langars (community kitchen).

That’s we. Very friendly, supportive, social and live life with our head held high.

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